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Choisir un groupe de soudage | Kohler-SDMO


Choosing a welding set

The choice of a welding set is made according to several criteria: the frequency of use, the types of electrodes used and the additional power required.

Depending on these three parameters, you will find the generating set that meets your needs, whether it is gasoline or diesel, small or large tank.


Frequency of use of a welding set


The main element characterising the set unit is its amperage. It is generally given at 35% (normal use) and 60% (heavy use).


Diesel versions are particularly recommended for intensive use, their autonomy being up to twice that of the gasoline versions.


A direct voltage welding set allows you to work with all types of electrodes and on very technical materials.


In short, you use your welding set in the following way:

Regularly: WELDARC INTENS range: Gasoline engine


Choosing a welding set



What type of electrodes should I choose for my welding set?

Choosing a welding set

Even though the KOHLER-SDMO welding set allow the use of different types of electrodes, it is important to choose them carefully with your customer, according to the uses.

  • Rutile: routine electrode and great flexibility of use.
  • Cellulosic: electrode suitable for down welding.
  • Basic: electrode for high security technical assembly. This use is recommended for parts subject to significant mechanical stress. It requires a continuous welding current.

The necessary additional power of a welding set 

Thanks to their auxiliary outputs, the welding sets can act as standard generating sets.

You should choose the model according to the same criteria as the other generating sets of the Portable Power range.


Also note that it is important to take into account:

The diameter of the rod, which in turn is determined the intensity of the welding mode.

For example:
Rod diameter up to 4 mm = min 180 A
Rod diameter up to 5 mm = min 300 A