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» » » Using a waterpump

Here are the few steps to follow to properly use a waterpump


When using your waterpump for the first time, remove the transport flange. The transport flange is a metal plate located under the engine, near the ground terminal. Useful for transport, it nevertheless interferes with optimal use of the device (noise, vibrations). To remove it: lift the device slightly and place it on a block, then remove the nut and the flange.

  1. Fill up with fuel
  2. Fill with oil. The presence of traces of oil in the engine is normal, all our waterpumps are tested at the factory after manufacture. You must check the oil and top up to the recommended level.
  3. Fit the piping:
    Install the collar clamps around the suction and discharge flexible hoses.
    Fit the hose connectors to the pump intake and discharge and secure them with collars.
    Fit a collar clamp around the other end of the suction hose.
    Fit the intake screen onto the end of the intake hose and secure with a collar.
  4. Start the motor pump:
    Immerse the strainer completely in the liquid to be pumped
    Remove the pump filler cap
    Fill the pump body with water before reseating the pump filling cap. The presence of liquid is necessary to prime and lubricate the pump.
    Open the fuel tap
    Set the starter handle to ON
    Place the throttle lever at 1/3 of the "MIN" position.
    Set the contactor to "ON".
    Pull the pull-cord
    Set the starter handle to OFF

Always refer to your waterpump’s use and maintenance manual.

Using a waterpump