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Selection guide: Discover our tips for choosing your generating sets, welding sets and waterpumps 

Tips for choosing a generating set
Choosing your generating set
A generating set is an autonomous device capable of producing electricity. It consists of a diesel or gasoline combustion engine and an alternator, assembled in such a manner as to produce electricity. Read more
Tips for choosing a welding set
Choosing your welding set
Indispensable for welding on sites without electricity or for performing maintenance operations on isolated machines, KOHLER-SDMO welding sets are practical, easily transportable and operational in record time. They can also be used as a backup generating set. When choosing the welding unit, it is essential to take into account: the frequency of use, the types of electrodes used and the additional power required. Read more
Tips for choosing a waterpump
Choosing a waterpump
A waterpump is a completely autonomous pump (it does not require any electrical connection). It allows you to draw from any river, stream, etc. and evacuate fluids completely independently, using gasoline or diesel. To properly advise your customers, check the nature of the liquid, the lift height and the flow to determine the power required. Read more