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» » » Dusting and cleaning your generating set, welding set or waterpump

The device must be cleaned regularly to ensure proper operation. 


  1. Gently brush the engine air intakes and exits and, if equipped, the spark arrester.
  2. Using a sponge, clean the device with water and a mild detergent (such as car shampoo) and rinse with clean water to remove all traces of the cleaning product. A cleaning foam may be used and wiped off using a soft, absorbent cloth. Stubborn stains may be removed using a suitable solvent (white spirit or equivalent) and wiped off using a soft, absorbent cloth.
  3. Check the overall condition of the device (no leakage, good tightening of screws, fittings and hoses, etc.).
  4. Apply a rust-proofing product to damaged parts, replace any defective parts and damaged stickers if necessary. Use only original parts and contact an agent if necessary.