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Current standards and regulations


For KOHLER-SDMO, compliance with standards and regulations is essential.



The CE mark on the set’s rating plate indicates that it complies with the latest standards and regulations — Electrical safety, ROHS, iSO 8528-8: 2016, 2000/14/EC, REACH etc.

Mark CE


Stage V

STAGE V (2016/1628 EU)


This regulation on harmful emissions in Europe applies to all non-road motorized mobile machinery used in Europe; in other words, all equipment with a gasoline, diesel or gasoline engine, except vehicles, which can be moved about for use, whether for professional or personal use.

Sets containing the C5 designation comply with this regulation.


ISO 8528-8 : 2016


The standard ISO 8528-8: 2016 regulates low-power generating sets (less than 10kW).


In the new revision, the previously undefined MAX power is described: The power which a generating set must maintain for a minimum of 5 minutes at a hot temperature while keeping within the voltage and frequency limits.


Continuous power (COP) is the power the generating set can maintain indefinitely and must not be less than 75% of Max Power.


ISO 8528-8 : 2016





This is the European Directive on the sound power of machines for use outdoors.

The various limits on noise levels of generating sets:

  • 0 to 2 kW = 95 dB(A)
  • 2.1 to 3.1 kW = 96 dB(A)
  • Beyond 3.1 kW = 97 dB(A)

A generating set may exceed these noise levels, but a noise reducer must be fitted by the operator to comply with limits.




The RoHS2 directive is intended to limit the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical or electronic equipment placed on the European Union market.


The directive identifies 10 substances subject to restriction and establishes limits for these substances such as Lead (0.1%); Mercury (0.1%); Cadmium (0.01%); Hexavalent chromium (0.1%), etc.


Since 23/07/2019, compliance with the RoHS 2 directive is mandatory.




Guarantee 3 years Kohler-SDMO

Guarantee 10 years Kohler-SDMO


For your peace of mind, generating sets, welding sets (fitted with KOHLER and HONDA engines (non-industrial range) and motor pumps (fitted with KOHLER engines) enjoy a 3-year warranty.


Spare parts: with 45,000 parts in stock you are assured of availability for all equipment for up to 10 years.


NF C15-401

For France, UTE rules on installation of generating sets require that, depending on use and the equipment connected, generators be fitted with 30mA differential protection.

NF C15-401